Books of reservists

After the active phase of duty was completed, soldiers went home for civil life and became reservists. Soldiers in reserve had several duties: they had to report any change of residence to the municipal authority, attend military trainings, and could be mobilized in time of war. In the case of the infantry, the service lasted 10 years - either 3 years of active service followed by 7 years in the reserves, or 10 years in the reserve in case of the 8 weeks training. After completing service in the reserves, each infantryman was transfered to the Landwehr (home defense). The home defense had no obligations in peace time, it was assigned to the non-combatant forces in times of war.

For the above mentioned purposes, each municipality had to keep a book of military persons in reserve or on permanent furlough no matter if living in the place permanently or just for a short time. Immediately after arrival, a reservist had to personally report to the town hall, show his military book, and inform the authorities about his current address. The information was recorded in a book and a report was sent to the appropriate military district.  

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 Book of reservists   (District archive in Mělník, Czech language)

Row 38 of this example shows Antonín Pavlíček from Veltrusy and records the date of registration, military unit, military rank, name, place of domicile, place of registration, and year of birth.

English translation of this record

WHY were they collected?  Evidence of military reservists
WHEN were they collected?   1868 - 2003
WHO collected the records? Municipal offices
WHAT information can be found? Date of registration, military unit, military rank, name & surname, place of domicile, place of registration, and year of birth.
In which ARCHIVES are they held?

District archives

In which archive FILES can they be found?  Archives of towns or villages
LANGUAGE of records Czech, German
AVAILABILITY  Lists from 19th century survived very rarely
What must be KNOWN before getting started? Name of village or town where conscript had right-of-domicile, or place where he lived permanently
Czech expression Ohlašovací kniha vojáků v záloze, Ohlašovací kniha o pobytu mužstva v záloze a na trvalé dovolené, Ohlašovací kniha neaktivních vojáků

Collections of records sorted on the territorial basis