Wounded and sick of WWI

In military hospitals, a medical record (Vormerkblatt = Krankenblatt) was created for each patient (soldier or prisoner of war). The records of the field hospitals are of prime importance because they include a lot of personal details. The majority of other personal records from garrison hospitals etc. were lost.

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 Hospital’s sheets   (War Archive in Vienna, German language)

This is an example of a hospital's sheet for Anton Vodička. The nature of Anton's illness is quite delicate: swelling of the right testicle, the consequence of gonorrhea that Anton suffered in 1916, according to the attending physician.

English translation of this record

 News about wounded and sick   (War Archive in Vienna, German language)

News about the wounded and sick were published during World War I. They list the name, regiment, company, year & place of birth, and a description of the injury. Since they include information about the hospital where the soldier recuperated, further information can be searched in the archive files for that particular hospital.

WHY were they collected? Diagnosis and treatment of WWI soldiers
WHEN were they collected? 1914-1918 (years of birth 1865 - 1900)
WHO collected the records? Military field hospitals
WHAT information can be found? Name of hospital, surname, first name, unit, rank, year & place of birth, home town, religion, date of admission/discharge, medical diagnosis, sickness/wounds and healing process, therapy
In which ARCHIVES are they held?

War Archive in Vienna

In which archive FILES can they be found? Feldspitäler
LANGUAGE of records German
AVAILABILITY Many Hospital’s sheets have been lost. News about wounded & sick were published and are fully available
What must be KNOWN before getting started? The Hospital’s sheets are arranged by phonetic alphabet, so the name, surname, date & place of birth is sufficient
German expression Spitalsvermerksblätter, Nachrichten über Verwundete